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Academic Activities held in JGMMC from January 2022

  1. Understanding stress on 07/01/22 by Dr Sanjivani Jadhav, Assistant Professor, Dept of Physiology, JGMMC.
  2. Heart rate in yoga asana practice on 04/02/22 by Dr Suchitra R Patil, Associate Professor, Dept of Physiology, JGMMC
  3. AGE products in middle and elderly Diabetics on 04/03/22 by Dr Manasa D R, Assistant Professor , Dept of Biochemistry ,JGMMC
  4. A study on incidence and morphology of Psoas minor in South Indianpopulation on 08/04/22 by Dr Drakshayani Kokati, Associate professor,Dept of Anatomy, JGMMC
  5. Nurturing the budding doctors- Mentorship in Medical Education on 29/04/22 by Dr Mahalaxmi S Petimani, Associate Professor, Dept of Biochemistry, JGMMC